Sunday, November 29, 2009

"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry ... "

I won't turn green and get big. But I'll rant.

Look at this beautiful labradoodle (labrador retriever / poodle cross): Beautiful, right? Poor thing has been taken back to the humane society three times.

1. The first time was because "he became too big". Um, the mix of standard poodle and lab might get big. These breeds might become more than 100 lbs, but of course you can never predict his exact weight. Think about it with people: ever seen two average height people have a tall child? One or more pups in the litter might be smaller than the rest, and one or more might become larger than the rest. It happens with dogs on an even greater scale than in humans. And this dog comes from big-ish dog breeds. That is irresponsible and abusive to the dog's needs. A dog becomes a member of your family, not something to be returned if it's too big, small, or imperfect in the human's eyes.
2. The second time was because the family was moving ... so they just left the dog behind in the laundry room. I cannot fathom such cruelty. It is deplorable, abusive and inhumane. Those humans do not deserve to call themselves human. That's all I have to say about them.
3. The third time was because the household cats could not get used to the dog, so the owners just returned the dog to the humane society. (Socializing pets with new pets can be hard. The owners may not have done the research needed to prepare or put the effort into doing it, but who knows their whole story?)

Isn't that poor dog's history disgusting and angering? This poor dog has done nothing wrong. He's been loyal, beautiful and innocent as human after human abused him in some way or another. Click here for his story.


  1. ahhhhh........that dog is so sweet!
    I HATE how people can be about if they are temporary and disposable! Would you do that with a CHILD?! of course not!
    Our wonderful puppy dog went thru a little of the same thing. She was abused as a puppy...then rescued. When I found her on craigslist these people told me about how they had acutally found her a home a little over a month back....but after a month of having her...they found out they were pregnant and they didn't want her anymore. They gave her back! When I saw her sweet face and then heard how she had just been given broke my heart. We have now had her for over 3 years. I sometimes say that I can't understand how anyone could have our dog for a sweet and wonderful as she is...and then give her BACK!
    People really piss me's not fair for the pets to be passed around like that.
    That's a cute dog...I wish I had a million acres and could adopt every dog and cat in need. *sigh*

  2. Those type of stories really get me! It just breaks my heart.... I hate it.
    You are so right - I don't understand how people can just return a dog because it's too big, or worse yet, leave it in a laundry room. I mean, really?? How awful.
    When I think that each of our dogs is a "rescue" dog and was previously given up or abandoned by their previous owners, I can't imagine why they would give up such wonderful and loving dogs.

    I really hope that cute doggie finds a truly loving and wonderful home! He deserves it!!
    (I'd offer, but I live in Texas and already have my fair share. Besides... you want another one....!!)