Sunday, November 22, 2009

KFL&A Public Health: follow-up "letter"

Remember when I told you how inefficient your system was? Remember when I sent you about three different emails expressing my concern? (Thanks for the prompt replies, by the way. I did appreicate it.) And remember when I sent letters to the editor that were published in two local newspapers expressing my displeasure with your organization system's inefficiencies?

Yeah, me too.

Well, it seems like you've figured things out. Finally! If anyone shows up with more than a 45 minute wait, you get a wrist-band to come back at a designated time. That's great news!

And even better, the flu shot has been available to EVERYONE in Canada for the past week. No more prioritization by "high risk": everyone can get vaccinated for free in Canada.

My husband went on Friday, and the wait was only 30 minutes. (He still didn't feel like waiting 30 minutes, so he left. But he'll go back when he has more time.)


  1. Hey, great news, looks like they have adopted the Quebec system after all (for the wristbands). However, here, we still can't get vaccinated. We were supposed to as of today, but they ended up deciding to prioritize people over 65. So we're still waiting... An announcement is supposed to be made in the next few days.

  2. Really? Health Canada recommended everyone be eligible for vaccination last week!

    And Sault Ste Marie has an amazing system: you call the clinic, book an appointment, and show up at your designated time (a 15 minute range). How simple and yet effective! No pregnant women or 70 year old or people on chemo waiting in the line for hours!

  3. The appt system is the best system. Thank goodness we can all get a shot now (in ON). Notice how the media died down once the vaccine was available to everyone?

  4. Yes, I did.

    And the flu shot will be available at some workplaces this week, too! :)