Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I still haven't posted "after" pics in the kitchen. I keep forgetting to pick up my camera and upload the photos ... will have to do that tomorrow ... but I won't promise anything

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Kitchen: Before

The kitchen had been "redone" in 2008 by the previous owners. They thought they were going to stay in the house for longer, so they did the kitchen to their standards. Then in the late summer, they decided to move. So, this is a nearly brand new kitchen.

The cabinets are real wood. Oak, maybe? I would not have chosen this colour of cabinets. I would choose a dark espresso finish. But, you know what, this medium finish is really appealing to me now!

The counters are granite. A special crane was brought in to move them into the house! I would not have chosen this finish of granite. It hasn't grown on me to the point of liking it, but I definitely don't dislike it now.

But the kitchen somehow looked unfinished before. No backsplash, no window coverings, and nothing to personalize it. (Unless you count the bills we often stack on the island as "personalization".)

Now ... well, we still haven't decided on window coverings. I bought a grey roman blind from the Home Depot. It wasn't quite wide enough (I knew that, but I thought it'd be close). Wade thought it was too dark. Then I got a beige roman blind from Sears. It's just too wide, but I think it's not quite right. So now I have to decide on something else.

You can see the "after" tomorrow. (I forgot to bring my camera in.)