Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you have triskaidekaphobia? Or worse paraskevidekatriaphobia? Then today is your worst day (for the third time this year)!

Paraskevidekatriaphobia is fear of Friday the 13th, and today is the third Friday the 13th this year. I didn't know that word until I looked up Friday the 13th on wikipedia! I did, however, know triskaidekaphobia, the fear of 13.

Why is 13 such an unpopular number? Well, again, according to wikipiedia, it's unnatural because it's one higher than 12. Twelve is good because there are twelve months in a year, twelve zodiac signs, twelve hours in a clock, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve apostles of Jesus and twelve gods of Mount Olympus. Evidently, twelve is a good number, therefore thirteen is a bad number.

And why is Friday the thirteenth bad? According to my all-knowing (and usually accurate) wikipiedia, Friday is unlucky because Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Therefore, Friday + 13 = double bad.

So, how do you like that history and cultural lesson?

Anyway, that's all I have to say about today. Best to avoid stepping on cracks, breaking mirrors, spilling salt, walking under ladders, and so on today. Oh, and join me in wishing Jen a Happy Birthday! Jen and I met in grade 6 figure skating, then went to school together from grade 7 to the end of high school (called OAC here, also known as grade 13). She's a terrific gal, and even though I've only averaged seeing her every other year the past five years, I still consider her a friend!


  1. I'd always heard that Friday the 13th was unlucky because way back in the medieval ages the Knights Templar were set upon and killed on a Friday the 13th cursing the day forever.

  2. I heard that, too. My great source, wikipedia, says that is a debatable tale. I dunno what to think. But I do know people can be superstitious.