Thursday, November 12, 2009

Princess learned a new skill today

She learned how to play by herself, taking her toy and throwing it in the air then catching it herself. It's pretty funny to watch.

While we wanted to name her Kiah (Australian aborigine for a beautiful place), she really does know her name is Princess. She responds to it so easily. So at this point, it's less and less likely we'll make any attempt to change her name.

That's all I have to post today. :)


  1. Always good when they learn how to play alone, now to teach ours that she can actually be out in the yard without one of us having to be there.

  2. Yes, we've yet to master that "skill", too. Princess won't even "do her business" without us there! (Just want I want to watch, eh?)

  3. She'll get better about going out on her own. You just have to let her go out by herself - or put her out by herself - and after some time she'll get used to it. When we got Riley, he would sit ON the door frame and not do anything. He hated being out by himself. But after some time he realized that he was okay in the back yard, and now he's an old pro - going out in the rain, when it's cold, whatever. ;-)

    I just need to teach my dogs (JJ, I'm talkin' to you!) to go out when it's wet. He won't even go out when there's dew on the grass. Seriously. Ugh.

  4. That's too funny, Rachel! Dew? What a prissy dog!