Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Gaels, Go!

My husband and I both did our undergraduate degrees at Queen's University, a reputable school in Canada.

Although Queen's has acquired a bit of a party image in the past five years, the "big party" is only held on one week-end a year. Um, a party school that only has one party week-end and where most of the partiers don't even attend the school? Not such a party school, IMO. (For more information, see here or here).

Anyway, other than the one week-end of partying, at Queen's, we do things just a little different: for example, fraternities and sororities are banned (to foster school spirit and loyality, and it seems to work), and our official school song is in Scottish Gaelic. Yes, Scottish Gaelic.

Our football team just won the Yates Cup, which means next week, they play the semi-finals for the National Championship, referred to as the Vanier Cup. While we watched the game, tuckered-out Princess (tired from a 45 minute walk with Wade), helped us cheer on Queen's:
How cute is she?

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  1. Not cute. At all. and neither are you. weee.