Thursday, November 19, 2009

Princess was a very bad girl today

Very bad.

We went to my mom's neighbourhood and went for a walk with Yogi Bear, my mom's American Eskimo dog. A kid (maybe 12 years old) was riding his bike on the sidewalk, and as he went by us, he stopped and Princess bit at his leg. He was okay, he wasn't shook up, and the skin wasn't broken. At first, we actually (including the kid) thought she only got his jeans, but that wasn't the case. I gave his dad my vet's contact information (so he could verify she was up-to-date on all shots). As soon as we got back, I called the vet to tell them what happened and ask for a recommendation on a dog trainer. The father hadn't yet called the vet to ask about Princess at that time, but when he does, they'll confirm Princess is in fact up-to-date on all shots. Also, since the skin wasn't broken, there's no risk of any disease transmission, but I'm sure it'll still reassure the father.

I've already contacted the recommended dog trainer and am awaiting them to get back to me.

Can you believe this little thing was such a bad girl?

I was very shook up for at least an hour and a half afterward, and I'm still a little shook up. We will certainly make sure this doesn't happen again.


  1. Hm, do you think it was the excitement of the bike that got her going?

    I've seen that a few times where dogs just get so worked up they want to play but only know how by biting.

    Poor Essie had the same thing happen to her when she went to the dog park. A bigger dog kept bugging her and then he started in on the playful nips on her back leg but she was so freaked she just cried and ran which encouraged him more.

  2. I don't think it was a "play" bite - I've seen dogs who get scared by bikes or cars or whatever (vaccuum cleaners, lawn mowers) and bite at them, and they are doing it because the bike or whatever is making them nervous and aggitated.
    Contacting a dog trainer is the best idea! I'm sure that they will be able to help you get over this problem behaviour.
    It's funny - it'll take you a few months to really get to know all her traits/habits/ticks, because normally they're not in every possible situation every day - it takes a while to see how they react to different things! Good and bad, you're still in the learning phase of finding out about her.

    But I would relax a bit. I'm sure that working with a trainer will help a bunch. Plus, if you're worried about it - she'll pick up on that and become "worried" too.