Friday, November 6, 2009

More Princess pictures!

A woman and a dog were playing fetch on tv. Princess saw the person throw the ball, then wagged her tail and ran behind the tv to look for the ball.


So I threw a ball for her.

Here's some new pictures of her:


  1. soo cute and such an adorable story.

  2. Yay! Ball! Ball! Ball!

    She's so cute with those floppy ears.

    I love playing fetch.

  3. I think that's exactly what she's saying! Then, she says "I wonder what's inside the ball" and proceeds to tear at the tennis ball's fuzz and pick at the seams to try to find out.

  4. Awww, too cute!! Emma is the worst dog to play catch with. You throw the ball, she goes to get it, but doesn't bring it back to you. I want to play catch with Princess!

  5. My dog when I was growing up did that, too. It's not much fun, is it? If you want to come visit, you're welcome to play with Princess!

  6. Awwww.... she's so cute!
    I'm glad she's settling into her new home!

    None of our dogs really respond to things they see on TV. It's like they don't see them or pay attention. But there's a commercial that's been running where a couple is driving around with a squeaky toy looking for a dog.... that one will get Charlie (the youngest and the fluffy white one) to perk his head up and look around. But that's it as far as the TV goes.