Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things we need to buy:

-Washer & Dryer
-Fridge (should be stainless steel or black to match)
-Oven (also should be stainless or black)
-New t.v. (we only have one t.v., but there's a living room and a rec room at our new house, so Wade thinks we need a second t.v. asap)
-New couch / chair
-Stools for the kitchen (it has a counter you can eat at)
-Snowblower (um, no way we can shovel THAT driveway!)
-New riding lawnmower (it'd take about a DAY to mow the new lawn without it!)
-New bathroom counter top (or possible whole new vanity; that was my condition for buying the house: that we replace the bathroom vanity or counter asap)

Obviously, some things are more pressing (fridge!) than others (riding lawn mower). And I'm sure I'll thnk of other things I need later. But that's my short list!

1 comment:

  1. I think we need a line of credit or something. Obviously, we won't be leaving this on credit cards!