Sunday, August 23, 2009

A good week-end!

I had a great week-end visiting my bridesmaid Crystal in Montreal. I didn't take my camera, so I have no pictures. We took the metro to Old Montreal, walked through Notre Dame, around Old Montreal and just looked around. We saw City Hall (Hotel de Ville), which was beautiful (which incidentally is where Brandy is getting married).

We walked all through Old Montreal, looking at painting, stone and bead jewellery, portrait artists, street performance artists, and all the busyness of Old Montreal!

There were about a half-dozen brides in Old Montreal getting their pictures taken. I wished a few felicitations (congratulations). The first bride we saw didn't even look my way ... and I was about 10 feet away from her and I yelled "Felicitations!" She didn't even blink. Snob.

The next bride I wished it to was in an old limo similar to what Wade and I had. She smiled and waved when I said that. She looked so happy! The next couple brides were English, so I said congratulations!

Then we returned to Crystal's beautiful neighbourhood. In a local park, we saw another half-dozen bridal parties posing for pictures! We sat and watched like bizarre stalkers in the air-conditioned car. It was very hot and humid downtown, then we had to talk the non-air conditioned metro back to Crystal's neighbourhood. When we got back to her car to drive to her place, we didn't want to leave the air conditioned car, so we parked beside the beautiful park (complete with several ponds, rock cuts, a waterfall, a gazebo and various other beautiful elements) and watched the weddings like crazy people. Okay, not true: we sat and watched like silly girls infatuated over weddings. :)

It was a great week-end!

Wade started packing. He was glad to be without me to get organized. And I've already started planning our housewarming party (in my head).

P.S. Marie-Eve, next time I go, I'll give you a head's up! Just a thought!

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