Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our rec room

I'm starting to think of how to decorate our new house. As I mentioned in my last post, we need to get a few new things. Including new furniture. Our plan is to put our existing couch / chairs downstairs and get new stuff for upstairs. (Okay, that's my plan.)

For downstairs, we have some unique furniture: a pale burgundy couch, matching chair and a navy futon. (I don't know how else to describe the colour - it's burgundy but it's not dark). They don't look bad together, but I suppose if we decide to "match", then slip covers can easily be acquired. We also have an L-shaped glass desk. We'll be getting a new t.v. for the basement / rec room. (Wade's request.)

So I'm trying to decide what to do. Here's the current basement lay-out.
I'm thinking we're going to put the furniture closer to the small fireplace. Kinda shift the lay-out that way. I'm not sure what else to do. There are several open spaces in the lay-out that currently have several exercise equipment there. We don't have as much equipment: we have an elliptical, but we could also put that in the furnace room. I'm just not sure what to do with the lay-out!

What do you think? Where would you put the couch, chair and futon?

(Note: the image is NOT to scale! It's just my best guest! The pillars are support pillars made of brick. They actually kinda weird. And the door leads to the furnace room, which is actually fairly big.)

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  1. Oooo!! I really like your new house - the pictures look amazing! And a pool!!!!

    I think the layout looks good. Plus, by putting the elliptical in there (where you could move it out of the way if needed) you can watch the TV while working out.
    Slipcovers are good, plus you could get a new futon cover pretty easily. Maybe just cover the sofa and futon in a neutral (it's hard to find good covers for chairs because they can vary in size) and pull out the burgandy with some pillows?? They don't all have to "match", but maybe coordinate the colors, picking colors that look good with it.
    Don't forget to get some tables for people to put their drinks on!