Monday, August 10, 2009

House Woes

Since listing our house Thursday night (meaning it was actually listed Friday morning), we've had 6 showings and an open house. Which is fine. We took down our personal photos, de-leafified our "leaf room" (one of our spare rooms is decorated in honour of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team), de-glorified our Team Canada themed bathroom (by removing the posters and bobble heads) and generally replaced our personal art and posters with more universally appreciated art borrowed from my parents, such as a couple Keirstead paintings and a print of an old-fashioned train. We are fine with these temporary changes so perspective buyers can visualize themselves in our house.

Except two of the real estate agents have left the back patio door unlocked. Not a big deal in our neighbourood; I've even accidentally left the front door unlocked over night. But it just feels disrespectful.

And even worse - one turned OFF our air conditioning and opened a window. Then left it that way when they left!

So we're going to chat with our agent today about the other agents' behaviour. This is disrespectful and unprofessional. I was livid last night, but I'm just indignant today.

This behaviour will not be allowed to continue or I'll start facebooking the names of the guilty real estate agents for all to see. Let facebook know how unprofessional they are! Okay, that's not a huge threat. But I'll do it! (Maybe.)

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  1. Oh dear, that is disrespectful. You should definitely chat to your agent about that. Maybe even leave a note on the back door. Good luck with the house selling...I know how stressulf it can be.