Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things I discovered while packing:

  • My husband owns a Worf t-shirt from 1994 (the shirt is actually signed & dated for some reason).
  • We have way more glasses than we could ever use (and much of it is now going to the local thrift store)!
  • We have way more tupperware and bakeware than we will ever use (also going to the thrift store).
  • I like wrapping things with bubblewrap.
  • I look forward to popping the aforementioned bubblewrap when unpacking!
  • I don't think bubblewrap is very eco-friendly, so we also bought some recycled paper bubblewrap substitute. It's not as fun as bubblewrap, but it's still satisfying to wrap things with it. And it's recyclable when we're done.
  • I still don't like packing, but it's easier to pack certain things (my husband's clothes, the dishes) than others (the bathroom supplies, my clothes).


  1. I am hoping the shirt is signed my Michael Dorn otherwise I'd be very confused if it was say signed by Mark Hamil.

  2. I take great pleasure in popping the bubble wrap. I could spend hours doing it. lol.

  3. Bubble wrap. Oh yeah.

    P.S. My husband owns several t-shirts from his high school years (he'll soon be 37). He never wears them, but he'll throw a tantrum if I get near them while only *thinking* about throwing them out.