Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moving and other frustrations

So we are faced with a few dilemmas and a few conundrums. (Or is it conundri?) All of these problems are relating to our move on Friday, and I'll elaborate on them more another day.

Like many new brides, I have put on weight. It started with the amazing French food on the honeymoon! It continued with a lazy, mostly relaxing summer which involved barbecues and not enough activity. In an effort to get back to my wedding weight, I have now started back up with the aerobics, which is great but painful! I have yoga tonight, which I am loving (although tonight's only the second class). On Saturdays, I have a total body training circuit class. I still feel it from my first class. So hopefully, I can get back down a few pounds so my jeans aren't so snug.

Anyway, blogging over. Back to packing!


  1. I'm guilty of gaining weight after our wedding too. It's depressing. I have been trying to get back into exercise, but I just don't have the motivation. I'm eating better, but that's not going to do it alone.

    Have fun with the packing and the move!!! It's exciting moving to a new place!!

  2. Wowsers that's quite a lot for a week! Good luck for it, I too have gained weight and have no motivation to lose it yet. Trousers all snugger :(

    Hope packing as all gone well and the new house is settling well!