Thursday, September 17, 2009

Job Applications

There aren't a lot of jobs posted right now. Frankly, the economy's not that bad in my part of the world. My city's main employers are a large hospital (actually three affiliated regional hospitals and a regional cancer research centre), two universities, one college, the province and the federal government. These are not employers particularly hit by the economic downturn.

There are employers in the area that have done some small lay-offs. But not many. However, many employers are being frugal, because of the economy. Frankly, most of them are using the economy as an excuse to be conscientious of spending. It's never bad for a company to be frugal, but it wasn't been popular when the economy was booming. Now it's not, and companies are being over-zealous in their reigning in the spending.

And so no one is posting hiring. But I need a job.

Yesterday, I mailed letters to five firms. Today, I mailed off another five. Tonight, I'll do another six. And in a few weeks, I'll follow-up by calling them. Anything I can do to improve my strategy?


  1. Connection matter a whole in current job market. Ask your current & former colleagues, friends, relative for names/contact info. at those firms you're applying to. Try to network via the web (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). Good luck! I know it's difficult right now.

  2. I'm trying to do that. In fact, I emailed virtually everyone in my gmail contacts who would remember me. (A secretary I emailed once in grad school asking about how to register was excepted. But if there was a chance they'd remember me, I emailed away).