Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Labour Day!

Once again, we have a busy week-end. Yesterday, we saw the Toronto Blue Jays play the Yankees at the Skydome. The Jays lost, unfortunately, but it was a good game. The Jays hit a homerun near us: if you have really good vision you can see us in this video. Go ahead, click on it to watch the video, please!

Didn't see us? Well, in this still image (click on it to make it bigger, and you'll see us inside the red circle):
Facing us, I was to the left of Wade. I have a white hat on, Wade's wearing a white Blue Jays jersey. We're celebrities. We're famous! (Haha, I don't think so ... but it is neat.)


  1. Cool! The BF and I were there Friday night! We won that night....YAY!

  2. We saw parts of it on tv ... they won today, too. But unfortunately, Wade and I picked the wrong day to attend (in terms of games they won at!)