Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Post

Seeing wedding blogs makes me want to get married again. To Wade, of course. I've made that comment to him, and he looks at me like I'm crazy. I don't mean the stress, of course, but the day.

Helping my best friend and maid of honour (and recently engaged) Jocelyn plan her wedding will be fun. I admit, I'm envious of her getting to do this. This does not for one second effect my ability to help her. I know I had my day, and now she'll have her day, and anything I can do as a friend to plan or relieve her stress will make her day that much better. But still, I envy her! :)

Wade and I are having a fabulous anniversary party ... well, two. Wade doesn't know about the one. We're having a belated anniversary / housewarming party in early July. (In the near future, I'll write the reasons we didn't do a housewarming when we bought the house six months ago. But not today.) That party is for friends. I'd like to have a family anniversary party a bit earlier. I haven't run this idea by Wade, but I'm sure he'll agree if I offer to make a compromise, such as "allowing" him to watch a number of Nascar races without me complaining once. (The easiest way to accommodate that promise is for me to leave the house on a couple Nascar race afternoons!)

Also, Wade and I are thinking of a trip this summer. Not sure where. Newfoundland? Scotland? India? Our budget will impact where we go.

Plus we're still decorating our house. We I want to paint and make a couple changes to the bathroom. That hasn't happened yet.

So in honour of what's coming up in the next couple months, I'll start posting about these things: travel, decorating, two anniversary / housewarming parties, and Jocelyn's wedding planning.

If I wasn't at work, I'd definitely post pictures in the above post to make it prettier and more reader-friendly. Maybe I'll get around to it tonight.


  1. Yeah for Bob's wedding! I"m excited too! I love planning my wedding- but most of all I loved the day! :)

  2. Funny...I am in the same "spot" as you. Our good friend's...actually my husband's best man is getting married in Oct. These are pretty much our best couple friends. So though I am not "in" the wedding, I am really involved with helping, shopping for dresses, talking to her online about wedding things
    It's funny. Sometimes I have a little jelously. Mostly I think it is because hindsight is always 20/20 and I know that I could go back and make it better. haha BUT I also do say A LOT to my husband "sin't it SO nice to not be planning a wedding?!" That year was really hell for me. So many emotional ups and downs. So much stresss. So glad that is all over! But I do get a little jelous.

    We are also thinking of taking a trip for our anniversary in August.

  3. Two anniversary parties! Yay! I think combining that with the housewarming is a great idea.

    I personally don't feel like going back to the planning and the wedding again at all, but I know I'm probably completely abnormal! I think nearly all brides do.

    Keep us posted about the trip! We'd also like to go to Europe, but it will also depend on the budget...