Monday, April 12, 2010


I had a busy week-end. Kinda. On Sunday, I volunteered with St. John Ambulance. I've been volunteering with them since September, and Sunday was the first time I actually provided first-aid on a duty. For privacy reasons, I can't disclose the name or details of the first-aid I provided, and I intend to honour that requirement. However, I can say that the event was a triathlon. I can also say that at triathlons, a common cause of injury is due to falling off bicycles (not due to lack of skill). So you can guess what kind of care was required.

Later in the day, Princess & I went to a farm. My friend Teresa married a farmer. She is not a farmer, but she somehow ended up a farm-wife! Her hubby took us around and introduced us to the animals. There was one pig, one calf, two cows, a bunch of sheep and lambs, one ram (the male sheep) and one horse.

They only have one pig. They had two plus a bunch of piglets. They recently sold the piglets, and of their two adult pigs, only Sammy is still there. I petted Sammy on the head - apparently, she likes head rubs. Sammy's companion was Hammy, and I don't need to think too hard to figure out where Hammy went.

Of the lambs, most were running free, but two were still isolated with their mommy because they were so young. Teresa and I each held one lamb. I have to say, they look waaaay softer than they feel. Their wool was actually rough compared to what I was expected. We cuddled them both, but their poor hearts were just pounding! We didn't cuddle them long and we returned them to their very worried mum.

The calf was named Angus. He's an Angus cow, and he's going to become Angus steak. I forget what the other two cows were named, but apparently their days were numbered.

Princess and Marley (Teresa's chocolate lab) did NOT get along. I think Diesel (8 month old black lab neighbour) would have gotten along, but Marley and Princess were so wound up by each other that no one was able to get along. Marley's also a trained duck-hunting dog, and she seemed friendly. Other than trying to eat Princess, that is. But Princess was trying to fight back, like the scrappy stray she is. It was almost funny watching how much those two hated each other. I think they would really have injured each other if we weren't there, but it's hard to say.

So that was my exciting week-end. What did you do?


  1. Wow, my writing skill is very juvenile in this post. Short sentences, not very descriptive. I need to bring up my skills!

  2. I'm very much a city girl, but I love farms and farming. That's great... And good for you to volunteer like that...!