Wednesday, April 28, 2010


How much do I love this vanity/sink from Magickwoods?

Perhaps slightly impractical. (How on earth would you clean UNDER a raised vanity? I mean, talk about a dust-bunny collector.) But stunning, nonetheless.


  1. it is pretty, very modern, but pretty!

  2. HI! Two words: Swiffer duster.
    Our vanity is raised and that was the one thing that I was a bit worried about.

  3. You like more of a modern looke - that's what style those raised vanities and vessel sinks with waterfall faucets all are. (If you're still looking for descriptive words)

    I wouldn't worry about cleaning under them - use a swifter, or the attachment hose on your vaccuum!! No big deal! ;-)

    I would caution you against an all red bathroom, just because that might be a little bright. But you could always bring in lots and lots of red accents and use it as a secondary color. Just my 2 cents!!