Monday, October 11, 2010

I am thankful for ...

... My husband, my dog, my friends, my parents, my parents-in-law, my brothers, my brother-in-law. I am thankful my friends Jane and Matt have a healthy baby girl. I am thankful my friends Corry and Ryan have a little girl who is recovering from an awful respiratory infection. I am thankful for my grandparents. I am thankful for my best friends, Jocelyn, Crystal, Emily, and all my other friends. I am thankful for all my family. Even the nutty ones like my Aunt Janis.

I am thankful my mom is doing well in her long battle with cancer.

I am thankful my mother-in-law's heart attack (3 weeks ago) was minor and left no damage.

I am thankful for living in the "country", where we get to appreciate watching wild turkeys on an almost daily occurrence in the fall.
(Did you know that wild turkeys fly up trees to "sleep" at night? We just saw them do that this fall!)

Disclaimer: no turkeys were harmed in the making of my Thanksgiving dinner. I ate tofurkey! :)

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