Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chile Miners Being Rescued!

As I type, I just watched the 30th miner "board" his capsule for rescue. The first arrived at the surface late last night (just after midnight in their time zone, just before midnight where I am). All day, updates from the rescue have come through. All the news (so far) has been good - no hitches or glitches, no one has become stuck in the tunnel, no panic attacks, and everyone is arriving faster than they'd hoped.

I get so excited with every rescue. Have you watched it? It's great!

Everyone has arrived healthier than expected, which is a huge testament to the work of healthcare professionals in preparing the miners.

In the interest of their health, all men briefly meet a limited number of pre-chosen family members, then are sent to a medical centre, and after being checked, flown to a hospital for 48 hours. How thorough!

Source: CBC

As I write this post, the 30th miner was hugging his wife.

Some of the men re-evaluated their priorities. One proposed to his girl-friend and another expressed a desire to marry his girl-friend. One is up to greet his "heavily pregnant" wife (BBC's words, not mine).

Interestingly, one miner asked both his wife and mistress to be the selected family members. From what the media is reporting, his wife did not know he had a mistress. She decided not to show up. Fortunately, this has been mentioned as a "sidebar" to most reports, letting the glory of the entire rescue take precendence. The most "thorough" story I found is here.

As I finish this post, the capsule is just arriving at the bottom of the mine in order to board the 31st miner.

I am so happy that this workplace incident is having a happy ending!

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  1. Wasn't that amazing? I love it when news are so uplifting, happens about next to never. I cried so much yesterday watching them come out... And I'm hugely impressed at how the rescue was handled -flawless. Viva Chile!