Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Essay (or is it an essay?) on Twitter

Posting pictures is still slow ... painfully slow. We have "high speed" satellite internet, but satellite internet is not nearly as fast as other forms of high speed internet access.

So I shall now devote this blog to essays.

No / few pictures (for now), but (hopefully) still interesting.

Today's theme: twitter

I recently read that young people don't twitter. (Apparently, young now means under 20, possibly younger.) Young people find twitter is a lame old-person thing.

I'll admit, I'm on twitter. My twitter name is lame. Well, not literally. Literally, it's "kristawantswork". I created it last fall when unemployed and was using it to follow employers, and lo and behold, real people - either people I know or bloggers I read - started to follow me.

This was a flattering revelation, but then I was left trying to find cool things to say. At first, I documented being unemployed. Later, I documented my feeling about the Olympics. And then ... I couldn't think of anything to say.

Tonight, I tweeted for the first time in three months. It wasn't very interesting. Sometimes I think of things to say, but I wonder if twitter is just an ego-fulfilling tool for me. Other tweeters I follow post interesting comments about the state of social justice, thoughts on the meaning of humanity, or post comments about their latest project.

I tweet on why so many businesses are following me.

Yep, three months of thinking of something to write, and that's the best I could come up with. Maybe I'm not as creative as I like to think I am.

Do you tweet? If so, what themes do you tweet about? Do you find this social media to be particularly useful?

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  1. haha I can totally relate. twitter is a really funny thing. i've had one for almost a year now but only started using it a few months ago. and now i actually use it more than facebook. facebook was taken over by those people playing too many games and i now find it boring. i tweet mostly about my blog or interesting things i encounter. i don't think my twitter is necessarily a good read or anything but i do it anyway incase the people following want to hear something. i use it more as a news resource. following other peoples accounts, the NYT, the weather, CNN, etc.\

    hope you're doing well! oh and i hear u about the extra weight in the last year. i just recently started to take some of it off but i hadn't weighed myself for fear of a panic attack. just knew i was fat and my clothes didn't fit so i was using that as my gage. i was sent straight into reality when i got on the scale at the doctors office yesterday to find out that i am 15 lbs heavier than last year @ wedding time and this is AFTER i've probably lost about 10 lbs the past few weeks. oh the horror!!! :)