Friday, February 26, 2010

What a week

The Olympics ... have been great!

Work ... has been busy. I've averaged working 10 hours a day the past 5 days. Maybe that's normal for you (and in some parts of the world, a 50-hour work week is standard), but I'm used to a 40 hour work week. So it was a little stressful. And our internet has been wonky. AND our wireless router does not want to work, making internet use all that much more infrequent.

So, let me just say:
  • Joannie Rochette is amazing! If you don't know who that is or why she's amazing, google her name. You'll be amazed.
  • Clara Hughes is amazing. She has won a total of 6 Olympics medals, the only woman to have multiple medals in both the summer AND winter Olympics. Yay!
  • The women's bobsleigh teams ... amazing!
  • The American figure skater Rachael Flatt ... did all that at her first senior international competition. Amazing!
  • Canada's women's hockey team ... amazing! (Though going onto the ice to smoke cigars ... not such a good decision, ladies. Though I do wonder if it would have been criticized if the men's team had made that decision.)
  • Both Canada's curling teams ... amazing!
  • Yu-Na Kim (as she calls herself when in Canada, but known as Kim Yu-Na in her home country) ... amazing!
  • So many things about the Olympics ... amazing!

Um ... men's ski jump being include in the Olympics, but not women's ski jump ... not so amazing. Way to return to your sexist roots, IOC. (That is a reference to the father of the modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, who felt that the Olympics ought to only include men's events.)

I'll post more thoughts when I have more time to blog. For now, all I have to say: most of these Olympics have been fun to watch. All the Olympians from all the countries have impressed me!

I will be in a small town in Northern Quebec next week for work. I may not have internet access. I hope I at least have a tv where I'm staying. (I'm not staying at the local motel, but rather at someone's house who is "renting" his house for the week. Long story. Actually, not long, just confusing.) So my "once a week" post will probably be the norm again.


  1. Have a good work trip! I got so teary-eyed during Joannie's free skate. She is amazing.

  2. Have a nice trip (I guess you're lucky, even northern places like my hometown of Chicoutimi are having a very mild winter).

    And I agree with you, the last Olympic week was simply amazing! Joannie is my new hero. And both hockey teams wins! I'm speechless. I take back my comment from last week. :-)