Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think I'm a child stuck in an adult's body

I am working with some colleagues to put together a training program for a client. I just got an email from a superior saying that we have plenty of a particular training aid to "add to the loot". This colleague doesn't seem to have a great sense of humour, so I know it wasn't meant to be silly. However, all I can think is "yarrr, matey"!

Also, last night I found myself skipping down the hallway at home. It was fun and freeing, and it's not a rare occurrance for me.

Do normal adults do things like this? Or did I forget to grow up?

Okay, back to work: I shouldn't be blogging while at work, but I figure since my lunch was cut short by a meeting that 2 minutes of blogging won't hurt anyone.


  1. Oh, yeah, I really hope I can do this until I'm elderly! Here's to a forever young mind!... :-)

  2. Grrr.... had a loooong comment all typed out and then it was lost!
    Lysacek WAS amazing last night!! So glad that the better overall skater won the gold vs. a skater that could land a quad. I thought Evan's overall performance was so much better than Pleshenko's. But I was nervous for him - and our stupid announcers weren't making it any better!!
    I am very impressed with lots of the new/younger skaters - they're so artistic it's fun to watch! Is Chan coming back, or is this his last Olympics?? Isn't he 19? He was really really good - I think the nerves just got to him. But he has a lot of talent.
    Am looking forward to the ice dancers tonight!! Did you know that Tanith Belbin is rooming with Johnny Weir at the Olympic Village??? He's the skater that went right before Pleshenko last night. Crazy.

    So, looks like Canada's next opponent in hockey is us!! I'd be more confident if not for the fact that most of the better players in the NHL are from Canada!!

  3. It's!

  4. Damn, these Thompson genes SUCK sometimes, Janis! (But at least we're all so crazy we don't know what we're missing.)

  5. Hey...crazy is least it is never boring!
    Auntie J and the felines

  6. Funny post! It made me think that I probably haven't skipped in years...maybe decades. I don't think there is any problem with being forever young. We would have a world with a lot less anxiety, fear, and sadness if we all stayed young at heart :)