Monday, February 15, 2010

One silver ... then One bronze ... and finally One gold ... and another Silver: a good week-end for Canada!

Canadian, Philanthropist and Olympian (prior to Saturday, she was the reigning gold medallist in women's moguls) Jennifer Heil had a great run and received silver. When you ski your best you know you can be proud. American Hannah Kearney also did her best, and on that day, Kearney's best won the gold. Jennifer Heil is a great Canadian athlete who lost to another great athlete doing the performance of her life. Stand tall, Jenn - you did great! Canada is proud of you!

Kristina Groves had a great bronze in women's speed skating in the 3000m race, not her specialty, so we could see more medals from her. Kristina has a fun blog that show-cased her way to the Games. Way to go, Kristina, it was fun watching you skate! I can't wait to cheer you on in the 1500m, which commentator Catriona assures me is your best!

Yesterday evening, Alexandre Bilodeau beat out fellow Canuck-born Australia-representative Begg-Smith. Watching Bilodeau's brother Frederic cheer Alexandre on reminded me of how great the Games are.

Our first gold medal AT HOME!

And today, Michael Robertson got the silver in snowboard cross. He led most of the race, and was narrowly defeated at the end. Still, silver is nothing to be ashamed of!

(I'll be devoting most of this blog to the Olympics for the next 2 weeks, most of which will focus on Canada, my home and native land. Feel free to take pride in your country and follow suit by devoting your blog to your Olympians! I'll gladly read about your favourites, too!)

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  1. I'm liking the Olympics this year better than in Torino.
    Of course, I'm rooting for the US of A, so no surprise that I was happy that Wescott beat out your guy for gold at the last second! ;-) I guess you guys got us back on the Women's Snowboard Cross....

    And go Evan Lysacek!! He is beautiful.