Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

Tomorrow, I have "my kids" over to bake and decorate cookies. I sometimes refer to them as "my kids" or as "my nieces & nephews", but they are not blood relatives. This group has recently expanded from Ryan & Kylan (sons of Wade's best man) and Lily & Chloe (daughters of groomsman Chris) to include 1-year-old Kiara (Ryan & Kylan's baby sister) and 2-year-old Charlie (son of another groomsman Dave). This is the third time I've had this party. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

Here are pictures from last year:

As an aside, Happy 1st Birthday, Kiara! :) (Here's Kiara just under 1 year ago at last year's cookie day.)


  1. I love your dog pic at the top of your page! :-)

  2. Thanks. Me too! I think I have to put a Christmas picture up soon!

  3. How cute Krista! I do this every year with my niece & nephews too. J & I are the official cookie makers in the family and we're expected to do it every year. It's fun and all but sometimes with the hecticness of the holidays it gets to be burdensome. I've decided this year that I'm just going to be happy about it and look forward to it this year :)