Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skate Canada: Friday afternoon

My mom and I arrived around 11am on Friday for the first two events. We had tickets to the ladies' short program and the pair's short program, starting at 11:30. The venue that hosted the competition, the K-Rock Centre doesn't have parking, so we went to the parking lots that usually have event parking.

The big signs said "Event Parking at 6:30". Otherwise, you have to go "feed the meter" every 2 hours.

Yeah, great planning.

We drove a couple blocks away and paid in a parking lot with all-day parking. We arrived just in time to get coffee, about 11:20. And proceeded to wait 10 minutes because they didn't have coffee ready.

Yeah, great planning.

We grabbed our coffee and sat down just as the first figure skater started. It was 11:30 in the morning, and the ladies were wearing the glittery dresses we usually see on tv at night. These sequins looked out of place in the morning. The crowd, I later found, was also just not into yet.

Still, it was a lovely afternoon. My mom and I spent the afternoon discussing and criticizing every move, sequence, spin and jump, judging if the music matched the program, if the skater matched the music, and our overall thoughts.

I wish I could move like these figure skaters:

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