Saturday, September 11, 2010

My week

My as-of-yet unpublished resolution is to post three times a week, ideally Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. I was okay with this resolution last week, but I failed this week. Monday was Labour Day, so I figured I'd just post on Tuesday instead.

Then Tuesday, on my way home from work, I decided to test my car's off-roading abilities.

Not really. Really, I saw a deer, swerved, and ended in a swamp. The road to my house goes through a swamp, and there's no shoulder. If you get close to the edge, the edge can give way. (Safe, right? I guess that's a risk that is taken when a road is built through a swamp.) We haven't even been in this house 11 months, and I'm the third car to end up in the swamp. Were the others, like me, just close to the edge? Were they inebriated? Was it due to bad weather? I don't know what caused the other 2 cars to end up in the swamp. But one of the many passers-by (who knows Wade) informed me his brother did the same thing, with the same result, a couple years ago.

I don't really remember what happened. All of a sudden, I was shocked by mud splashed on the windshield, and I realize my car was 2-1/2 feet deep in mud. My air bag didn't deploy, which I suspect was beccause I wasn't going that fast - maybe 60 km/h (~35 mph) when I went off - and the mud slowed me gradually to stop. At some point before I realized what was happening, I had a sensation that the car was about to roll sideways, but then I bumped a tree and I was righted. The tree caused some damage to the bumper & fender.

About 2 minutes after it happened, a lovely couple named Troy & Amanda stopped and helped me. They helped me to climb out through the windows because I was so deep in the mud. This couple was on their way to take their daughter to riding lessons, but they insisted on waiting with me until my husband arrived. I was so confused, and Amanda assured me it was normal. She was in an accident a couple years ago, and she doesn't remember it. She thinks that the emotional trauma makes it hard to rememeber the accident. I think that makes sense.

In fact, every passerby stopped to offer their help. As disoriented as I was, it was very heart-warming.

Wade, his dad & brother showed up with a big truck, but they quickly realized we'd need a tow truck. Surprisingly, the car is undamaged. I had a safety inspection yesterday, and it's fine! I had to get 2 tires - 1 tire was damaged, but it/s not usually advisable to get 1 new tire. Luckily, these tires were getting worn and I was going to have to replace them in the next 6 months. If you can call that lucky. I have to get the fender and bumper fixed. I have one estimate ($1700) and I'm going to get a second from a company my dad swears by - both for price and quality. After I get it fixed, I have to get it cleaned. It smells like swamp! I'm undecided if I'll claim it through insurance - I'll call my agent (who's a family friend) and ask if it's worth it to claim it (and have my rates go up) or just pay it myself and keep my relatively low rates.

I'm okay. I've had some back aches. Some have been bad, but most are bearable. My cheek bone was tender, which makes me wonder if I bumped my cheek on the steering wheel. I really don't remember.

And I've been sick all week. I had a minor cold last week, but now it's miserable. My mom says that a physical trauma weakens your immune system, and an emotional trauma weakens your immune system, and I had both a physical and emotional trauma. I'm still shook up, although I am doing much better. But I have a horrible sinusitis.

I know I'm lucky. So lucky.

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  1. Whoa, what a freaky incident! Luckily you weren't hurt. Take care.