Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As the promised follow-up to my post on Monday, which was a much overdue follow-up to my gardening post back in May, here's what some of my garden looks like now.

I have about half the marigolds I had when I killed them (as I mentioned on Monday) by using a "safe for flower beds" weed treatment. As you can see, some of them are full and some are kinda puny and sad. This is about half the marigolds prior to using the "safe" treatment, and they were ALL full and wonderfulin July. So imagine double the marigolds with more fullness, and you'll have an idea of how great the marigolds were doing:

Where some of the marigolds were completely dead, I put these late season chrysanthemums:

I liked the lavender so much that I bought two more! The bottom lavender (the smallest) looks droopy because I accidentally over-watered it last night. I'll leave it alone the next few days, so that should help.

I also got another rosemary - and they're both doing well. Behind the rosemary, you can see the pepper mint. I've already cut LOTS off the mint - it's thriving!

I added some flowers in June, which I have not posted pictures of - some hanging plants (begonias and petunias), two hibiscus plants, two English (David Austin) roses and more peonies. My petunias) (not planted until later in June, which I haven't posted about) and hydrangeas (originally posted) look pretty sad - we've had a heat wave the past week, so may things that were blooming are wilting. I'll post them next week once we've had a little bit of rain.

Oh and for the cuteness factor, here's a picture of Princess I took tonight:

She's saying "oh hi, do you want to play? I love to play! And get belly rubs. Belly rubs are great!"

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