Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Mother's Pride (aka Princess was so good this week-end!)

I will upload pictures tomorrow to show you our Pool Party this past Canada Day week-end. (Canada Day is July 1st, so it usually falls on the same week-end as Independence Day for those of you south of the border.)

We had about 40 people over, including children ranging from 7 months to 13. There were two darling 7-month-olds (Charlotte and Kiara), two toddler (14-month-old Charlie and seventeen-month-old Liam), six-year-old former ring bearer (for us) Kylan, plus three 11-13 year old names Tyler, Jordan and Spencer. There were new men, big scary men, children running and screaming. And Princess was good. Kylan's nervous around dogs, but within a couple minutes, they were cuddling. Princess quickly learned that if she sits under the toddlers, food will come her way! She sat beside people to be petted, greeted new guests as they arrived with a tail wag (no jumping and no barking) and was generally the best behaved dog ever. She growled once to tell someone she didn't want to be picked up (but it was a very quiet 'rrr' to indicate dislike, rather than a full-out growl).

She was so good. We were so proud of her! We were watching her very closely for the first two hours, but after that we relaxed after all the guests had arrived and we saw how Princess was behaving. We prepared everyone who was coming to be prepared for her behaviours, and our plan was to crate/pen her once she became excited or over-stimulated. We didn't need to do anything, though! People who hadn't met her before were confused that we had prepared them for a scared rescue dog who was prone to fear-based behaviours; and they arrived to meet the friendliest, most docile dog many of them said they'd ever met.

She was so good. You should see how proud Wade and I were of our cute little dog that night! :)

Pictures to come soon ... I was going to uplaod them from my camera at work (shh!) where I have faster internet and could use my work laptop, but I forgot the camera cord. I'll try again tomorrow!


  1. Hooray! Congratulations! That's one of the best feelings in the world!

  2. That's really cool, it looks like it was an awesome party. And well done, Princess! :-)