Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Activism: Kidney Cancer

Listen to 98.3 Fly FM at 8:45 EST tomorrow morning (Wednesday, July 21st), a Kingston radio station. If you aren't local, you can always live stream it from Fly FM Kingston.

I'm going to be interviewed for their "Family Matters" segment at 8:45 EST. This segment is held daily to talk about family and health issues. Kidney cancer used to be incredibly rare, but it is now the 10th most common newly diagnosed cancer. Ontario has recently decided to provide access to TORISEL, a Health Canada approved intravenous chemo. (That means TORISEL is now "free" for Ontarians who are diagnosed with kidney cancer as a first treatment.)

I'm going to talk about what kidney cancer is, how the "new" targeted chemotherapies work, why it's so great that TORISEL is covered, and why other Health Canada approved chemos (like the oral chemotherapies Sutent and Nexavar) need to be covered in Ontario, too.

The press release on TORISEL is here.

Listen in! (I think it's going to be live, which is intimidating!) And please feel free to re-post this information!

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  1. I wish I could listen to it! Is there anywhere they will post your interview after it airs? You have been such an amazing advocate for kidney cancer and treatment. How is your mom these days? I hope she is doing well!