Thursday, May 13, 2010

New picture of Princess (in our backyard)

It took me four attempts, and with each attempt 20-50 pictures to get a couple good pictures of her. It's hard to take a picture of a dog who wants to play! Most of the time she was either moving to fast or trying to play with me, both of which don't make for ideal pictures. I'd hardly call myself a talented photographer, but with digital photography and enough exposures, I got a couple that turned out nicely. To get this picture, I tied Princess to a tree (if we don't tie her or have her in our fenced area, she sometimes bolts after squirrels and birds). Then I called her to me, but I sat out of the leash's reach. She quickly realized she couldn't reach me, so she sat and watched me squeak a ball at her.


  1. In fact, I'm going to make her pictuer my banner.

  2. A very cute picture... She looks so sweet and very keen to play!

  3. Good picture! Your backyard seems huge... I'm so envious...