Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Long Week-End (that would be LAST week-end for Canadians!)

This past week-end was our long week-end (Victoria Day, which almost everyone calls "May 2-4"). Following a nearly decade-old tradition, I went out Wolfe Island. It used to be quite the party - sometimes we'd be there from Friday to Monday. This year, we went out for Saturdy evening. I gardened and planted things all-day Sunday. ("May 2-4" is the week-end many Canadians plant their gardens. Any earlier, and there's still a possibility of frost!) We also opened our pool. I meant to put more pictures, but because of uploading problems, there are just three.

Some of our irises, plants that are perennials already along the side of our house when we moved in:

I planted fox glove (a perennial we had at our old house) alongside geraniums. Fox glove is highly poisonous (and in fact is the therapeutic basis of the heart drug digoxin). It also attracts hummingbirds, but we've only noticed butterflies and bumblebees. Geranium is an annual that supposedly repel mosquitos and flies. I don't know if I believe it, but it can't hurt.

We also planted marigolds (possibly a natural mosquito repellant), a silver leaf thing (the name eludes me, but it's a butterfly attractant), more irises, peonies (far from the house as a natural ant attractant), lilacs, and hydrangeas. I'll post pictures of each of them later.

I'll also post pool opening pictures later. While we planted and opened the pool, here is what Princess did:

It was hot (33-34C / 91-93F) so we tried to keep Princess in the shade, and we kept her water bowl near her. For a few minutes, she ocassionally sat in the sun, but every time she quickly moved back to the shade.

(Okay, no more updates for me. If you have google reader, I think you just had 3 or 4 very similar posts. Sorry to bother you!)


  1. Poor little baby, she looks so hot!

    In my experience, geranium does work as a bug repellent. So does tomato plants -except for slugs. Other great picks are basil and citronella...

    Why May 2-4? I've seen it, but I don't really know what that means. We also have the same Holiday, but people call it differently here.

  2. "2-4" is English Canadian slang for a case of beer (i.e. twenty-four beer)!

  3. so many pretty flowers! good to know what some flowers are known for (bug repellent, butteryfly attractant).