Friday, March 19, 2010


An update on Princess: she had what we suspect was a seizure last Tuesdy night. I wasn't home, but according to Wade, she flopped down and went stiff for about a minute. When he said her name, she didn't look at him, and she wasn't focussing on anything. After about a minute, she started to return to normal, but she was quiet and dazed for about 5 minutes. She didn't vomit, defecate or urinate, nor did it last long (apparently those are common symptoms in bad seizures).

We went to the vet last week, who agreed that it sounded like a seizure. The vet said seizures in dogs isn't uncommon, and that if there's no apparent cause, we'll only medicate her if the seizures become more frequent or start to last longer. The vet also said that - otherwise - Princess looks very healthy.

Princess had some her bloodwork done, to check for metabolic disorders or other causes. The blood work indicates that there is nothing metabolic causing the seizure. That means we just watch her, and if the seizures increase in length of time, or become frequent, we'll consider medication

The vet said some dogs may only seize every few months or even less. Sometimes it's even a one-time thing. We'll just watch her and go back if they become frequent or get worse.

Other than this seizure, Princess is her regular self. She has developed an interest in birds, particularly "chasing them" from the ground while they're flying overhead. It's quite funny to watch her, because she really thinks she's scaring them away.

She has also developed a tighter bond with Wade since I was away for work the entire week of February 22-26! I'm actually kinda jealous because my little cuddle bug sometimes prefers cuddling with him now!


  1. Oh! Those are scary! We had a dog when I was a kid that had a couple seizures when she was a puppy but then totally grew out of them and hasn't had one since. I hope it's the same for you guys!

  2. That is scary! I hope she's okay from here on out.
    But it sounds like she's really settled in! I know what you mean about the jealousy though - Murphy, who was always "MY" dog, now loooooves to cuddle with Chris.... it's sweet, but just a little itty bit sad too. ;-)