Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful Baby

I was honoured to attend the baptism of Charlotte (I introduced you when she was born in November, whose Mummy (Jane) and Daddy (Matt) I have known for a long time: 17 and 15 years, respectively. Wow does that make me feel old! (Click here to see Jane on her wedding day. She's the second picture at Fort Frontenac Officers' Mess. Isn't she gorgeous?)

I didn't bring my camera, and I haven't seen anyone tag pictures on facebook yet, but once they do I'll download a picture of the beautiful girl and put it on here!

The service was beautiful. Jane and Matt's church is a very youthful church, filled to the brim with young families, with hymns transposed to be more like rock ballads. It's a fun church where people talk and laugh. The minister also baptized their first child, but unfortunately Noah left us just days after he arrived, a full-term and beautiful baby. I was not one of the few who met Noah, but I feel like I did. Obviously, this most wonderful (for having Noah arrive) and awful (for having Noah leave) part of their life is important to Jane and Matt. The minister talked about Noah during Charlotte's baptism to let everyone know that Charlotte had a big brother.

Charlotte was wearing a beautiful christening gown that Jane's mother made years earlier, and apparently many members of Jane's family have worn over the years. I can't wait to post a picture on here to show you what a beautiful baby Charlotte is!

The church is almost a 4 hour drive, so I went up the day before. I stayed the night with bridesmaid Emily, and we went out for dinner with bridesmaid Kristy. It was nice to see them! I haven't seen either since Kristy's Hallowe'en wedding.

Even though I did a fair bit of driving, it was a great week-end. And Princess seemed to have a good time at her sleepover at Yogi's (aka my parent's) house. I can't tell you how honoured I was to be invited to attend Charlotte's baptism.

P.S. Jane, if you're reading this, please email me a pic of Charlotte's baptism so I can print it! :)

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