Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lack of posting

I wrote this post last Wednesday, and didn't get around to posting it. I've decided to post it a few days late.

I haven't posted much lately. For various reasons, including (but not limited to): being busy with the holidays, being mildly depressed (being unemployed is somewhat depressing and the short days don't help). Well, actually, that's about it. I've lacked the motivation to do many things, which is a symptom of mild depression. Also, not getting excited about things that would previous interest the individual is another symptom. Well, guess what? I start work tomorrow. And how do I feel? Meh. I know I should be excited and nervous, but I'm only interested and slightly overwhelmed. It's not that I won't do a good job - I will. But this job is a bit of a diversion from what I had been doing the past two years. It's still very related to my graduate degree, but it's something I haven't done much of in the past two years, so I will have the opportunity to use old skills and learn new ones. Normally, the prospect of using skills I haven't used in a while, plus learning new things, is very exciting to me. Ultimately, I know I'll be excited. But right now, I'm only moderately excited. Maybe that's a good thing: I tend to be hyperemotional. But it's very different for me.


  1. Sorry to hear you're a bit down. Winter doesn't help either. Good luck tomorrow!! Moderately excited is just might get more and more excited as time goes on.

  2. I spent so long unemployed last year, I totally understand. It really does have a way of bringing you down. Fingers crossed things went well last week and you're feel a bit perkier soon. I always have a tough time staying motivated and excitable in winter.


  3. Good luck with the new job!
    I know what it's like to have that no-motivation thing going on. I feel that alot when I don't have things going on or to do. Hopefully having a job will make ya feel better :-)

  4. I can totally understand. I was unemployed about 6 years ago and it totally brought me down. And it just happened to be in the winter too. I totally thought that added to the depression. Anyway, I hope that everything goes well tomorrow and that this new job will help you feel better.

  5. I'm happy you start work tomorrow.
    I'm sorry you're depressed. it sucks esspecially in winter

    If you have a few days off, come visit us! Charlotte and I are always here!

  6. Good luck! I really hope things work out and you feel better. And, for the record, every time I started a new job, I felt like that. The first few days, I was always asking myself did I make a HUGE mistake? But the thing is I only needed a little time to adjust. Big hugs and keep us posted...