Friday, October 23, 2009

We watched our wedding video!

... And it's great. I love it! Just fantastic.

You can hear us clearly. You can hear everything wonderfully. In some of the editting, some songs were shortened (namely the processional, Debussy's Claire de lune, and during the signing of the marriage documents, Schubert's "Ave Maria"). That's the only mild down side, but don't get me wrong: everything is fantastic. And considering a friend did the filming and editing for us (it's a hobby of his), we definitely lucked out! And the video really is great!

Just one thing: when Wade and I go to kiss, it looks like I was trying to EAT WADE'S HEAD OFF! Seriously, I was a little lot overzealous in that kiss. It looks ridiculous, not at all cute or sweet. And definitely not appropriate in front of friends and family in a church. It's not like we were all making out, but it just looks ... inappropriate and not at all what we I wanted to show my family.

Even Wade said it looked like I was trying to bite his head off.


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