Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Internet Woes

I have more honeymoon pictures to upload, but everytime I try, the internet goes down. I have a little snippit of a wedding video to share, but again, the internet is down more than it's up. (And when it's up, it doesn't seem to last long.) I have stories to share - some are interesting, some are fairly mundane, but everytime I try to enter it, it goes down.

So in the spirit of my whining on Wednesdays (haha), today, I will tell you that our internet is having problems. It's being looked into by our internet supplier, and will hopefully be rectified. If not ... well, we'll be SOL because there are only two companies that supply high speed out here: one is wireless (yes, the signal is wireless) and the other is satellite. Both are expensive to set up, but then cost the same as any other internet supplier once installed. Of course, there's always the new "stick" internet options (the rocket stick and the internet key are the two main options here). But they can both be expensive if you use lots of bandwith.

We went with the wireless option because it was already set up in this house (meaning we don't pay the expensive set-up fee). So here's hoping their repair works, because the other options are not ideal.

Anyway, on a positive note, we adopt our NEW DOG on Saturday!!! :) Yay! She's between a year and a year-and-a-half, a cocker spaniel / australian cattle dog / blue heeler mix. It's very exciting. I'll keep you posted!


  1. good luck with your computer issues. can't wait to see the photos & video. and sooo exciting about the dog!!!

  2. Somedays I'm tempted to just get some gum, some wire and some tinfoil and make my own internet. It's got to be faster and more stable.

    Congrats on the dog. Very adorable.

  3. Very cute dog! You're doing a great thing! When LP gets a little older I can't wait to adopt one from a shelter too.

  4. What an adorable pup!! Congrats on becoming new parents :) :)

  5. I am SCREAMING with excitement here!!! Your new dog is such a cutie!! Look at her expression!
    You have to post lots of pics of her.

    I'm sorry about the internet. For some reason, my cell phone won't make calls today. It'll receive emails and updates - but no calls. Boo. Technology really sucks sometimes. And you know what else I don't get about it??? How unplugging it and plugging it back in fixes anything!