Saturday, December 26, 2009

A little help?

I started using google reader sometime in the spring to keep track of all the blogs I was following. After the wedding, I initially continued to follow the wedding planning blogs. Gradually, it became wedding overload. I continued to follow the personal blogs of people planning weddings (and still am following a couple so I can see the wedding come to fruition!) but I decided to discontinue following the mass-blogs such as weddingbee and weddzilla. It was a surprisingly emotional decision; not tearful or anything, but I definitely felt a twinge of regret as I realized I was leaving wedding planning behind (something I truly enjoyed).

Nevertheless, every other day or so, weddzilla pops back up in my google reader. I go into my subscriptions, and there it is as a blog I'm following. I remove the subscription, but two days later it's back. This has been going on for months, and I am not exaggerating.

I feel like poor Mr. Johnson whose cat kept coming back:
Although I never did figure out why Mr. Johnson didn't just find a proper home for the cat. Then it wouldn't keep coming back, now would it? Also, in retrospect, this is a disturbing song. I didn't remember all the lyrics; just the chorus. If you don't remember the lyrics, either, just have a listen to hear how disturbing it is!

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas as to why this subscription can't be deleted?


  1. By the sounds of things, you need to log into your blogger account and unfollow Weddzilla in your Blogs I Follow section of your dashboard. Because Blogger is owned by Google, every so often it synchs your Reader with your Blogger blogs you follow. It took me forever to figure this one out on my own. ;-)

  2. good luck! i'm with u...i'm starting to remove myself from wedding planning blogs. it's just too much and i'm moving on. there are a few ladies that i still love to follow and a few other sites that are just so inspirational that i can't stop myself :)

    hope u guys had a wonderful holiday!

  3. That makes total sense, Cyd. I looked on my blogger "following" area and there it is! I clicked on "manage" and it took me to a link ( that says "Profile Not Available". So apparently, blogger isn't letting me remove blogs I'm following! (Figures!) Is there any other link or way you know that I can manage my blogs?

    And thanks, Dawn! You, too!